Meningitis Now Safety Team volunteer Richard Churchill

It’s not the exercise that gets you fit – it’s the routine

Richard Churchill

Safety Crew

Introducing Meningitis Now Safety Team member Richard Churchill 

Day job Contract Finance, IT & Procurement Professional

Describe your favourite part of being a Safety Team member Helping people achieve something they will always remember is a privilege – marvellous! 

I dislike it when - there’s not much food around

I like it when -  the singing is good and the smiles are wide

What advice would you give to someone training for a trek?  The challenge is long and slow, a gym session, run or bike ride need to be over an hour and a half, a walk is for at least 3 hours with your pack on, and it’s not the exercise that gets you fit – it’s the routine – think in terms of 40+ sessions spread out over 12 weeks

Our UK treks and challenges couldn’t go ahead without our invaluable safety team and qualified mountain leaders. Each and every one of them retain expert knowledge, understanding and a passion for outdoor pursuits and the mountains we climb. They are on hand to ensure the wellbeing of our participants, navigating them through each trek safely and providing words of encouragement to help everyone complete their challenge.