Meningitis Now staff - Claire Donovan

Face coverings and meningitis

Claire Donovan | 20th July 2020

There is no research to suggest that people who have suffered from meningitis are more likely to contract coronavirus or become seriously ill from COVID-19

Face coverings and meningitis

But for many affected by meningitis, the coronavirus pandemic has led to increased feelings of worry and concern.

Wearing a face covering can help some people feel better protected and less worried about being out and about. A face covering is a non-medical mask which covers the mouth and nose. A face covering does not protect you, but if you are infected and not showing symptoms, it may help to protect others you come into contact with.

There is no evidence that people who have had meningitis need to wear a face covering more than anyone else. But it’s advisable to wear a face covering in spaces where social distancing isn’t possible and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet. This is most relevant for short periods indoors in crowded areas.

Depending on where you live, there is specific information on when you must where a face covering. See country specific information for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For some people wearing a face covering for the first time can feel unusual and even make them feel quite anxious. If you’re worried about wearing a face covering, why not get used to wearing your face covering for short periods of time at home before you head outside.

There are lots of reusable face coverings available to buy, as well as lots of patterns to make your own at home. It is recommended to wash your face covering at 60 degrees after each time you use it. Some supporters – like mum and daughter duo Julie and Hannah - have even been raising money for Meningitis Now by selling their own face coverings.

Read the UK Government guidance on face coverings.

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