Dave's story

12th November 2014

When Dave Hancock woke at 5am with a splitting headache he knew it was more than just a migraine. Taking a couple of painkillers he went back to bed and hoped the pain would stop

Splitting headache

But by the morning he was being sick and his partner Pamela, who was already caring for their poorly daughter, began to get worried. She mentioned how ill Dave was when she took their daughter to the GP. The doctor agreed to make a rare home visit and called an ambulance. Fifteen minutes later Dave was admitted to hospital. 

In A+E the medical staff were worried Dave was suffering from bacterial meningitis, so he underwent a lumbar puncture and was given antibiotics. He later found out that Pamela had been told by staff that he might not make it through the night.

After nine days of treatment and tests Dave was discharged and told he had been suffering from viral meningitis, not bacterial.

He has been left with continuing headaches, neck spasms, blurred vision and memory loss, he struggles to concentrate and feels tired.

Tough road to recovery

Dave's road to recovery has been tough - but we have been there to support him and his family.

Despite his ordeal Dave is determined to find positives from his meningitis experience - he is now a Community Ambassador for Meningitis Now, has helped out at a Family Day and taken part  in or organised a number of fundraising activities, including running the London Marathon.

He said: "The most positive outcome for me since being diagnosed with meningitis is that I discovered Meningitis Now. I have a completely new outlook on life, one where I want and need to help people who have directly and indirectly suffered with this horrendous disease. They are truly incredible, amazing and supportive people. I have discovered not only what they have offered me, but what they have offered and offer so many others."

Although he is still suffering with memory problems and fatigue, Dave completed the London Marathon in April 2013 and again in April 2014.

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