Neonatal meningitis

Neonatal meningitis is split into two groups: ‘early onset’ or ‘late onset’, depending on the time elapsed between birth and disease

Types and causes - neonatal LB

Neonatal meningitis – the facts

  • Neonatal meningitis occurs in the first 28 days of life
  • Many different organisms can cause neonatal meningitis, including group B streptococcalE. coli and Listeria bacteria. Viruses can also cause neonatal meningitis
  • There are around 300 cases of neonatal bacterial meningitis each year in the UK
  • 10-12% of these cases are fatal
  • Up to 50% may be left with after-effects
  • For more information about neonatal meningitis, download our fact sheet

Been affected by about neonatal meningitis?

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