How you can support us

Many of our supporters find comfort by channelling their experience into fundraising, volunteering, sharing their story or awareness raising. All of these can be ways to fight back against the disease and achieve something positive. We’re grateful to our amazing community of supporters who make such a difference in the fight against meningitis. There are lots of ways to get involved and our team are here to support you in whatever way you wish to get involved with.

Meningitis Now Support Services LB - Fundraising to support us

Challenge Events

We deliver the following events and support our participants on their fundraising journeys:

We often see the positive impact our challenge events have for people and the life-long memories they take away with them. It’s wonderful to see people achieve personal goals for a cause close to their hearts. Our Challenge Events also provide an opportunity for people to meet others who have a similar experience of meningitis, meaning they feel less isolated which often helps with recovery.

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Community Fundraising

Meningitis Now Support Services - How you can support us - Community Fundraising

“Fundraising made me feel like I was in control again and fighting back. I wouldn’t let meningitis win.”

Community Fundraising involves a wide range of activities; from taking part in a skydive, to holding a bake sale or organising a charity ball in memory of a loved one. It’s a great way of engaging family, friends and the wider community for a worthwhile cause.

Jo Sloan has organised events including a big breakfast morning, a Time4Tea event, ran various marathons and organised sports tournaments. She says, “I was so angry at meningitis and the world! Fundraising helped me channel that anger into a practical way of helping. It reduced my anger and anxiety a bit like therapy.”

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Meningitis Now Support Services - How you can support us - Volunteering

“It means a lot as it makes me feel like I can give back to people who weren’t as lucky in their battle against the disease as I was. It has given me purpose and I really enjoy it. I meet lots of people and feel proud of the work I do for the charity.”

Many people who benefit from our support decide that they want to ‘give back’. We offer volunteering opportunities and support for our volunteers to raise awareness in their local communities by distributing information, running awareness stands and delivering talks. Many of our volunteers want to try to make sure that their meningitis experience is not repeated, so are very passionate about raising awareness.

Volunteers can also support at fundraising events – both those run by Meningitis Now and by fundraisers in their communities.

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Forever Funds

Meningitis Now Support Services - How you can support us - Forever Funds

“Joshua is deeply loved and will always be remembered and so sadly missed. Having the Forever Fund is a really good way of letting people know about what we are doing to remember him and getting support from others.” 

A Forever Fund is an online tribute for you, your family and friends to view at any time to remember your loved one. It is a powerful and positive way to honour the life of someone special whilst raising funds in their memory, ensuring they are never forgotten. We can support you in the many ways you choose to raise funds and grow your Forever Fund. 

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Share your story

Meningitis Now Support Services - How you can support us - Share your story

“When I had meningitis, I looked for stories like mine, but I couldn’t find any, so I wanted to share my own to help others like me. I want to help people realise that they are not alone at what is often one of the most difficult times of their lives.” 

Sharing your story can be a great way of helping others as well as yourself. Many people tell us they find it therapeutic to process their meningitis story by writing it down, while others are just happy to help others going through something similar. Sharing your story is also a great way to spread the word about the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

Share your story.

Corporate Partnerships

Meningitis Now Support Services - How you can support us - Corporate partners

“Working with Meningitis Now has been a true partnership, with clear and tangible benefits for our business, our staff, our customers and the charity. We are thrilled to be associated with an important cause and such a fantastic charity.” 

Whether you’re fundraising in your workplace, putting together a team of colleagues to take part in one of our challenge events, or nominating Meningitis Now to be your organisation’s chosen charity, partnerships with companies are a great way for Meningitis Now to raise vital funds and awareness.

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