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Life after meningitis is tough. That’s why the Rebuilding Futures Fund provides financial, practical and emotional support for people of all ages affected by meningitis

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We are delighted to announce that we are able to accept new applications to our Rebuilding Futures Fund.

About the Rebuilding Futures Fund

The programme consists of four separate areas – Health & Wellbeing, Opportunities, Bereavement and Specialist Equipment. Each area provides funding towards different types of support, but they are all designed to help people rebuild their futures with hope and confidence.

Meningitis doesn’t discriminate based on where you live, what you do or how old you are – and neither do we. Support via the Rebuilding Futures Fund is available to anyone living in the UK who has been affected by meningitis. We’re not about quick fixes; we’re here to provide tailored support with long-term impact, that will really help people rebuild their lives after meningitis. 

Meningitis Now is proud to provide this unique, life-changing support – the only meningitis organisation to do so in the UK.

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Applying to the Rebuilding Futures Fund

To apply to the Rebuilding Futures Fund, call our Meningitis Helpline on 0808 80 10 388, email or speak to one of our Community Support Officers. They’ll be able to talk you through the whole process from start to finish and give you guidance on what supporting documents you need to accompany your application. 

The Rebuilding Futures Fund Application Handbook is a helpful resource to guide you through the whole application process and includes examples of what we can and cannot currently fund. We would recommend you refer to the Handbook before applying to ensure your request meets the terms and conditions of the fund.

Download the Handbook

Rebuilding Futures Fund applications that meet our award criteria are considered monthly by an awards panel. We will consider funding awards up to the value of £1,000. Find out more about the four areas of support the Rebuilding Futures Fund can provide by selecting the links below.

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